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Don’t need to own it? Rice Rentals has your instrumentation needs covered!

We know there are many times when a project doesn’t require the purchase of the latest instrumentation.  There are also times when you need the latest and greatest technology available.  And EVERY time you need properly serviced, calibrated and easy-to-use equipment to maximize your field time and accurately record your data.  Rice Rentals is there for you, with a wide range of equipment & instrumentation available across Canada through our Edmonton, Calgary and Vaughan locations.  Our equipment includes: 

  • Water, Air and Soil equipment, instrumentation and accessories. 
  • Geotechnical equipment and instrumentations. 
  • Well profiling equipment. 
  • Data collection equipment and supplies. 

We also understand that it’s a hassle calling around trying to find or book a piece of equipment!  That’s why we integrated our Rental equipment availability directly into our website – so you can see live, real-time availability of any of our instruments.  Simply navigate to your ideal piece of equipment and click the “Rental Availability and Inquiry” tab to show equipment location and availability.  Even request a booking directly by clicking the mail icon to send your request in!  To get started, just visit our rental listings here. 

Discover the convenience of renting equipment and supplies at your fingertips NOW. 

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