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Our First Hand Experience at ESAA’s Remtech 2021

Last week Rice Earth Sciences was able to proudly sponsor and attend ESAA’s Remtech 2021, and we were thrilled to be back at the event.  One of our key people, Kevin Hunsche, did a great summary of his post-Remtech thoughts below:

“I know I’m not alone when I saw that Remtech 2021 was proceeding (maybe not “as planned” but more “as planned-ish”) and breathed a hesitant sigh of relief.  It’s been a long and lonely two years since we were able to meet en-masse and catch up with friends and colleagues, both old and new.

It was apparent that a number of producers chose to stay away from Remtech 2021.  Some of the regular faces of consultants were also missing, as a gesture of solidarity with their clients.  Again, that was their choice, and their presence was missed.

Though the official capacity of the event was lowered from north of 800 to around the 500-person mark, it seemed as busy as ever.  Perhaps because we’re not used to seeing more than immediate family in situations where there are more than six in a room?  I don’t know for sure, but it sure was nice to see.

Kudos should go out to Joe Chowaniec and Lorrine Hamdon for organizing this major event during a trying time.  I had the pleasure of golfing with Joe about a month ago, and though he didn’t look it, he maintained the stress he felt was enormous, with the way regulations were changing daily.  I know Joe spent countless hours on the phone and emailing delegates and sponsors to update them through the shifting sands.

As always, the speakers were excellent.  Granted, I couldn’t see ALL of them, but the ones I caught were very good.  Some highlights for me:

  • PFAS/PFOS contamination has become a very visible area of concern and industry is definitely swinging in the right direction in terms of limiting exposure and potential remediation solutions.
  • In-situ vs. Ex-situ remediation continues to be a hot topic, with more in-situ offerings available than ever before.  Phyto-remediation as a salt reduction technique was a excellent presentation.
  • Who knew that polls could be so interesting?  Nik Nanos does and gave an excellent keynote presentation and Q&A afterwards with Fred Keating.
  • It’s always fascinating (sometimes queasily so) to learn about contamination in residential areas and the necessary steps that are required to remediate these problem areas.
  • I wish I had Brian Keating’s back yard.
  • Eric Termuende showed that one-degree shifts can make a huge difference over time.
  • You CAN have an excellent time in a tent…..just saying.

Overall, I think I can say with a fair amount of certainty that the conference was highly enjoyed and appreciated by everyone in attendance.  Sponsors, Exhibitors and Delegates and ESAA….you should all give yourself a round of applause!



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