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Grouting with CETCO Graphite for Geothermal Drilling

As renewable energy continues to be advanced across the world, Geothermal energy capture is one of the more mature and repeatable options.  Not dependent on weather conditions and having very high capacity factors, geothermal plants are capable of supplying basedload energy, heating & cooling.  Due to this, specific developments are now leaning on Geothermal energy, such as Edmonton’s Blatchford community. Learn more about Geothermal energy through IRENA. 

Rice has been supplying Geothermal drilling supplies for decades, working with key manufacturers such as Baroid Industrial Drilling Products & CETCO.  Their advances in drilling fluids have made geothermal drilling easier and more efficient while increasing geothermal performance on installation. CETCO has done a large amount of research into different grouting techniques and has produced several strong recommendations for the use of Graphite grouting techniques over traditional sand.  Their Graphite, Geothermal Grout, and TC Booster products can exponentially increase thermal conductivity.  In fact, a recent publication in National Driller states that “A mix of 400 pounds of sand with as little as 24 pounds of graphite will give values that are higher than most portable thermal conductivity equipment can even measure”.  Read the entire article here. 

Before you start your next geothermal drill, contact Rice to learn more about the newest technologies. 

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