Let’s talk Bailers…

Bailed water samples are the backbone of the groundwater industry.  Bailers have adapted to specific industry demands and at Rice Earth Sciences, we have what you need!

  • Single-use HDPE Bailers – offered in multiple configurations.  Weighted and unweighted, in both clear and opaque polyethlyene.
  • PVC Re-useable Bailers – offered with threaded components allowing re-use after decontamination.
  • Hydrasleeves™ – an alternative “bagged” solution using passive diffusion instead of traditional rigid bailers.
  • BioBailers™ – offered weighted and unweighted in clear biodegradable* PVC & HDPE.  (*As tested by ASTM D5511 these products have been shown to biodegrade within a few years when placed in a landfill.)

And, with our new e-commerce service you can have a quick and easy purchasing and rental experience for all things RICE Earth Sciences.  Nearly all our bailer options are available online, and if you see something missing – be sure to let us know!

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