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Make Geotechnical Drilling easy with Roctest Geo-Lok Inclinometer Casing

Published: May 4, 2021

Inclinometer Casing is used throughout Canada by Geotechnical Engineers & Drillers to ensure accurate measurements of ground stability.  Installation of Inclinometer casing can be laborious and tedious – and if installed incorrectly can result in expensive re-runs or re-drills. 

Roctest GEO-LOK Inclinometer casing ensures consistent installation in boreholes by using its proprietary twist-lock connection that requires no glue, rivets or shear wires to connect.  The joints are made by pushing two sections of pipe together and rotating the pre-installed threaded locking collar. The coupling ensures that the grooves of adjacent sections of pipe are aligned to form a continuous track for the inclinometer probe.  O-Rings at the joint prevent potential water or grout entry.  

To ensure proper instrumentation readouts, GEO-LOK casing is manufactured with four orthogonal grooves running longitudinally along its inside surface with a spiral control of less than 1/3° per 3 meters of casing. When installed in a borehole, one set of grooves is aligned in the anticipated direction of movement. The grooves act as guides for the wheels of the inclinometer probe, maintaining the orientation of the probe as it traverses the casing. 

ARice we stock large quantities of 2.75” OD and 3.34” OD in 5’ (1.5m) and 10’ (3m) lengths to ensure you have access to product when your installation requires the highest level of accuracy.  And complete your installation with top capsbottom caps and casing anchors in one stop.  

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