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NEW PRODUCT ALERT!!! Sonic Water Level Meter from Solinst

Rice is excited to announce that we will have the NEW Model 104 Sonic Water Level Meter from Solinst available for purchase!

This new device will provide the depth to water in wells WITHOUT inserting any instruments in the well or pipe- no contact with water surface required. Outlined in 5 points are the key features to this new product and read for yourself how this will benefit you.

  • The Sonic Water Level Meter works in wells/pipes and tubes ranging in diameter from 1.3 cm to 20 cm (0.5″ to 8″) with water levels from 3 to 600 m (10 to 2000 ft) from surface.
  • The Probe transmits a sound wave into the pipe and records the time it takes for the pulse to return after contacting the water. The distance to water is calculated using the speed of sound and time and is corrected for temperature using a sensor in the Probe.

The Model 104 is best used in these scenarios:

  •  In crooked or obstructed wells where equipment can potentially be entangled.
  • At contaminated sites (concerns of cross contamination from well to well and decontamination of equipment).
  • When fast manual single point data collection is required.
  • For use in narrow, cascading, or difficult to access water level wells.
  • In ideal situations, the 104 can be accurate to 3 cm (0.1 ft) and takes approximately 1–4 seconds to provide a reading dependent on depth to water. When increased accuracy is required, the Control Unit can be used to enter site specific well details (Measurement Parameters) such as: Drop Tube Diameter, Min/Max Water Level Measurement, Water Temperature and Offset of Probe from Ground Level.
  • For well openings greater than 1” diameter, the plastic disc should be used to cover the well opening. Sealing off the top of the well facilitates a strong signal (pulse is an air pressure /low frequency sound wave) that provides greater accuracy and prevents external interferences from affecting the reading. A convenient Field Bag is included to store and transport the Control Unit, Probe/cable and disc.

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