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New Technology – GEOSTRING™ In-Place MEMS Inclinometer

New technology is not always a sign of progress unless it creates real value for customers.

Like the GEOSTRING™ In-Place MEMS Inclinometer from RocTest, a leading developer and manufacturer of geotechnical instrumentation.

The GEOSTRING™ inclinometer is a vertical string of closely spaced MEMS sensors which is ideal for real time, continuous and unattended monitoring of lateral displacement of soil, rock and structures.

How does it create value for you?

  1. Low Cost, real time monitoring. It is effectively and efficiently re-deployable.
  2. Convenient packaging and easy installation – a one-person job to install.
  3. Ultra-robust components that you can trust and depend on for the long term.

The GEOSTRING™ In-Place MEMS Inclinometer is now available from Rice.

If you would like to know more about GEOSTRING™ In-Place MEMS Inclinometers, contact your Rice Resource Technologies’ Earth Sciences Representative today.

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