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Playing in the mud with Baroid!

On March 8th, 2023, the Baroid Mudschool training program was held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with Rice Earth Science Sales team and management. The program, offered by Halliburton, is designed to provide education on the use of drilling fluids or “mud” in Water Well Drilling. The training program covered a wide range of topics related to drilling mud, including mud properties and testing, advanced drilling techniques, and the latest industry technologies. It is highly regarded in the oil and gas, and water well drilling industries as it offers practical and hands-on training to both new and experienced professionals. Our partners in the program gain an in-depth understanding of the properties of drilling fluids, as well as how to optimize mud performance and minimize costs.

This training program provided an excellent opportunity for our partners to enhance their skills and knowledge, ultimately improving their performance and contributing to the industry’s overall success. This holds true to one of our core values of, Ingenuity, so we can continue to give you the best solutions and products for our customers to get the jobs done! Call on one of our enthusiastic sales representatives today and view the Drilling Fluids on our website.

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