Rice was at AWWDA 2022

The Alberta Water Well Drillers Association annual trade show and AGM was held March 24 – 26 in Red Deer at the Cambridge Hotel in Red Deer.  Kevin Hunsche, from our Earth Sciences sales team, summarizes his experiences here:

“The main topic of conversation was centered around challenges with material supply throughout North America, and in specific the shortage PVC raw material supply announced earlier in the month.  As manufacturers and suppliers, the conversation shifted to what we were going to do to fulfill driller’s needs for PVC casing moving forward.  We offered assurances that we were exploring all options and would have answers one way or another in the near future. 

It was a pretty good turnout although some drillers were unable to attend due to other engagements that were being held at the same time (I believe there was a hockey tournament where some of the drillers had their kids playing).   

Having met a lot of the drillers over 20 years ago, it was interesting to catch up with some of the stalwarts of the industry.  Rene Arts and Jerry Topilka offered interesting insights into the history of the water well industry and Ernie Shumansky was his usual entertaining self. 

Some of the younger drillers (“younger” being a relative term for some) stopped by and either re-introduced themselves or made themselves known.  Kelly Topilka from Elk Point Drilling, Keith Effert from Evergreen Drilling and a large contingent from Darcy’s Water Well were ever-present.  Jeff Southworth from Legacy Drilling and Murray Page from Lousana Water Wells also stopped by for some in-depth conversations as to the current and future state of the industry. 

All in all, I felt the conference and trade show were well attended and the association should be congratulated on hosting an excellent event.  Kudos to Sheena for all the work she did in setting up and organizing!”

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