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Revolutionizing Piping Safety in 2023: The PLIDCO® Clamp+Ring Solution

Concerned about excessive end-pull or compression loading in 2023? Unsure if your piping can withstand it?

The PLIDCO Clamp+Ring is your solution. Designed to handle any combination of hydrostatic force, internal forces, and external forces, its construction and design offer exceptional gripping power, significantly reducing the risk of pipe collapse or distortion during repairs and maintenance. Utilize Clamp+Rings with Weld+Ends, Split+Sleeves, or any other fitting to ensure your piping remains secure and operational.

This versatile fitting can be employed temporarily or permanently and can be reconditioned and reused multiple times. Clamp+Rings are available as a complete set, including the necessary through bolts for coupling connections.

Reach out to our expert sales team to discover how this product can meet your field requirements today!

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