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Expanding again! We’re excited to introduce Auger Tooling & Equipment to Rice Earth Sciences

Rice Earth Sciences has always pushed to be at the forefront of the environmental & geotechnical industries across Canada.  Our supplies for the drilling industry have traditionally been consumables and equipment used in the construction & completion of boreholes.  But as our customers grow, we’re expanding to support them in new ways.  Today, that means ensuring we have a wide range of equipment to provide the specialized services our clients request, and that means the introduction of hollow stem and continuously flight auger tooling & equipment to our stock in our Toronto and Edmonton locations! 

Auger drilling is a popular choice for those needing boreholes for environmental testing.  Two common forms of drilling are continuous flight (solid stem) auger and hollow stem auger. 

The continuous flight auger method typically utilizes a Claw Bit to advance solid stem auger flights into the ground. The drilling equipment applies pressure against the top of the stem while turning it into the ground. The bit displaces the soil and moves it up the flights as the drill bores deeper into the formation. 

The hollow core auger method is like continuous flight, except the Claw Bit is attached to a hollow stem instead of a solid one. Once the bore hole reaches the desired depth, the hollow stem acts as a temporary casing, keeping the sides of the bore hole from caving in. The drilling crew can take samples through the hollow stem or use it for setting a groundwater monitoring well into place. 

While we’ve opened by stocking a selection of different auger sizes, bits and tooling, additional sizes and configurations are available by special order. And we need your help to bring more equipment closer to your rigs! We invite you to help us build more in-stock inventory by letting us know what items you need the most.  Please contact us with your requirements. 

More of what you need in one place. Simply put; it’s about ensuring your success. 

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