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PLIDCO Hydrogen-Compliant Fittings

PLIDCO is the leader in manufacturing products for pipeline maintenance and repair. They have consistently supplied high quality, dependable fittings that meet the ever-changing market around the world. One of these major shifts is the integration of hydrogen-based energy systems that are gaining traction in the oil and gas industry. These require a specific standard that PLIDCO is able to offer with the new H2 Split+Sleeve. 

These high-pressure fittings are designed and manufactured to meet the highest quality standards, following ASME/ANSI codes and adhering to a strict quality control program. Designed for onshore and subsea high-pressure maintenance applications, they are ideal for hydrogen, gas, water, chemical, slurry and other piping systems. 

PLIDCO Split+Sleeves serve as repair fittings designed for sealing leaks stemming from corrosion or damage in onshore and subsea pipelines. They are well-suited for use in hydrogen pipelines and boast easy installation. Manufactured to meet ASME B31.12 standards for Hydrogen Piping and Pipelines, these sleeves are constructed with IOS 15156-compliant materials and Viton™ Seals, ensure durability. 

Once fully torqued onto the pipeline, PLIDCO Split+Sleeve effectively contains the defect. In onshore applications, these fittings can be permanently welded to the pipeline even while it’s in operation, offering a robust repair solution. If not welded to the line, these fittings can be removed, reconditioned by PLIDCO, and reinstated in the customer’s safety stock (subject to certain restrictions). 

These fittings undergo rigorous testing at 1.5 times the design pressure to ensure their reliability. Steel GirderRings are integrated to prevent displacement and protect the packing during installation. Standard working pressures include 1000, 1500, and 2220 PSI maximum allowable operating pressure (MAOP), and there are options for higher working pressures and various lengths. For unique needs, custom emergency repair fittings can be provided when standard fittings aren’t suitable. 

PLIDCO maintains a comprehensive inventory of fittings that are compatible with hydrogen pipelines. Each of their hydrogen-approved products is easily distinguished by distinctive green markings, facilitating a mistake-proof repair process for your team.  

PLIDCO provides a Five-Year Warranty because they take such pride in the manufacturing process that conforms to all customers’ and end users’ written specifications for five years from the shipment date from the factory. This is just another reason why Rice is so proud to offer this innovative solution for the Hydrogen application from PLIDCO. Call one of our representatives today and let us earn your trust. 

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